5 REASONS Gym-goers Should Use The Latest DARCE 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS why gym-goers should use the latest DARCE 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash:

1. Deeply cleanses both hair and body​​

Let's be honest, the gym is inevitably riddled with germs. Darce 2-in-1 is specially formulated with anti-bacterial properties, perfect for a thorough clean up after a sweaty workout session. This is crucial not only to protect your skin, but also to fight off body odour caused by bacteria.

2. Menthol infused for a blast of cooling sensation and super-refreshing scent

Probably one of the best things anyone can ask for when feeling all hot and sweaty post-workout. The menthol ingredient leaves a cooling sensation on your skin making you feel clean and refreshed after each shower. It's much adored masculine refreshing scent is an added bonus.

3. Anti-dandruff properties

Dandruff is a common problem especially among men whose scalps are naturally more prone to develop this issue. Darce 2-in-1 is targeted to eliminate and control dandruff troubles with each wash by regulating the scalp's pH balance.

4. Multi-vitamins to protect your hair and skin

Multi-vitamins are infused in the formulated wash to help maintain and protect the health of your hair and skin. This should not be overlooked for those who exercise regularly as you'll probably end up taking showers multiple times a day!

5. It's not RM 89, it's just RM 8.90 !

The price is simply attractive and hard to beat. Plus, it is conveniently available at 100 outlets of KK Supermart all over KL and Selangor. Your wallet will thank you for it!

Go grab a bottle today at your nearest KK Supermart and try it out for yourself!

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